Monday Night Poker League: Week #8 and #9

Well I am completely stupid. I failed to realize that the CarbonPoker server does not observe Daylight Savings Time. Because of this only 5 players made the registration cut. I wish I could replay the event but that would not be fair to the 5 players who made it in. So I will double the “Host Bounty” on me to $10 this week and guarantee the “Bubble Bonus” at $20.

With $90 in guaranteed prizes and a TOC seat up for grabs there is no reason we should not get 30 players this week. Tell your friends and if one of them signs up let me know I will cover the “new player” entry for this week and award you a free entry for a future eventĀ .

The TOC swag packs are coming together nicely. I am just waiting to get the merchandise in hand before I promise it.

Registration is open:

CarbonPoker/Tournaments/Private/Monday Football MadnessĀ  at 10pm EST.

Good Luck

One thought on “Monday Night Poker League: Week #8 and #9

  1. The site is actually now in sync, the othe gamesr were all one hour late while the site wasn’t in sync. I’ve been playing the site long enough but new members should be reminded about that when the time switches over.

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