Season #2

Season #1 is well over halfway complete and we have began negotiating with various sites for different schemes and formats for Season #2. As things stand now we need to be able to pull in at least 30-60 players per event inorder to attract decent prize packages from sponsors. Carbonpoker and have been exceptional in thier support of our league so we need to really come up with some great ideas to improve player turnout.

Here are some ideas that have been bounced around:

1. Freeroll events for entries to the weekly game. (We are floating some ideas that won’t break us. Sponsors?)

2. Earlier or varying tournament times to attract international players. (Most sponsors want to sell to US players. Will look into it though.)

3. Create an email list for Evite reminders of events.

4. Move to a different US ‘Deposit’ friendly site. (CarbonPoker was very generous for season #1. Free roll site?)

5. Have all of the winner’s Tournament Coupons set up to allow buy ins at the next event. (Good idea?)

6. “Ironman Beat the Clock” weekend. 12 Tournaments in one day spaced 2 hours apart with all 12 winners playing in a TOC event. “Overall” Points Leader at the end plays a Heads Up match with the TOC Winner .

7. Banner and Graphics: See this link (

8. Weekly Trophies? (They are somewhat cost prohibitive but cheaper than the “Point Spread Bonus”)

Your suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Leave your comments below……………