Monday Night Poker League: Week 13

It is time for monday night poker again.

The overlay is again $60 and the Patriots are playing so the point spread should reach $20. The bounty on Porkrind is still active as well. So $85 for a $2 buy in is not that bad.

Some of you are going to qualify for points and the TOC so remember to signup and post on the forum to ensure you get your prize packs.

Right now I have golf shirts, the chip set, some T-shirts, Dealer Buttons and Card Protectors for the TOC final tablers. I really would love to see 30 players so if you know someone let me know.

I will be posting some big news about season two soon so drop by

4 thoughts on “Monday Night Poker League: Week 13

  1. I won’t forget the $3. The chipset is one of the prizes. Check out the league prizes tab at the top of the page.

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