Monday Night Poker League: Summer Classic

Shuffle up and Deal June 2nd.

Starting Monday June 2nd til Monday July 28th at 8:05pm EST.
The overlay is $10
There will be a $5 bounty on me.
The site is: BODOG
Each weekly winner gets a medal and an invite to a single table TOC for the trophy and $50.
The tourney is password protected so you have to post and comment here to get it.

Why Bodog?
US players will find it a heck of alot easier to deposit if they are patient. They actually have live support with real people on the other end of the line when you phone them.
Customer service responsed to my requests within 24 hours (Unlike the last site we used).
Last thing,
I did not want to mess with the sweet deal on Carbon since it still runs every monday at 10pm EST. Password “Superbowl”.

Why not a freeroll?
Freerollers are a pain in the butt to deal with and ruin the joy of the game for newbies and any serious player.

I would like to pull in at least 30 players a week by the end of July so our sponsor will agree to host season #2.
Tell your friends, have fun and see ya at the tables.

In order to play and qualify for the trophies (Yes Trophies) you have to be a posting member at the forum.
Each week I will email the passwords there so so register, start some quality posting and get ready to rumble.

Click here to join the Email List.

Qualify for the World Series of Poker at Bodog Poker

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