Trying to Break Through

Pokerstars really upset me with its decision to allow the datamine farms to continue to observe every single event and publish the results. I was looking forward to not hearing about how much of a fish I am from the multitabling – multi accounting – chat abusing – collusion teams that run rampant there and on Full Tilt.

I have checked my statisitcs religiously because I know these dinks live by them. Across the board I currently rank in the 76-78 percentile. Further review shows that I am a regular late position player meaning I have the skill to run deep in most every event I play. What separates me from the top 20%?

Well, I just have not had that one big win since 2006. Up until then I was a regular casher and heavy sat player until my game got sidelined by a number of personal issues that had to come first. Since then two things have altered the online poker scene. First, UIGEA seriously depleted the number of American fish/recreational players since it is so hard to deposit anymore. Second, “PushBots” and the math of the game has progressed to the point where ABC poker does not cut it anymore. IE, “The pond is smaller and the Sharks are bigger”.

However, I have taken upon myself to start tracking the finish positions of players who either cripple me or felt me. What I have found is that usually they are “Gamblers” who bust soon after I do. Eventually the big scores and subsequent moving back up in stakes will happen but until then if you have a lower ITM% than me, STFU.

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