Justin Shronk (1981-2009)

A Very Sad Day, Justin Shronk (1981-2009) – Joe Sebok – PokerRoad.com.

For those of us who listen to the Poker Road Podcasts ‘Shronk’ was the guy pushing the producer buttions and herding the insane cast which includes Joe Sebok, Gavin Smith, Alli-wood from location to location with his finger on the “Bleep” button. His sudden and unexpected death today is a shock to his, the Poker Road family and the Poker scene in general.


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  1. I didn’t know Justin, that well but I played with him online numerous times. He was always a pleasent poker player regardless of who was winning i found. I had the good fortune of talking to him about helping with the WSOPE preparations he was a part of. I have no doubt he’ll be missed by many.

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